Eleanor's Forest

A short film funded by The Malta Film Commission. 

Lost and alone in the woods a young girl, Eleanor, wanders hopefully towards far away mysterious lights. It would be simple if the trees could be trusted. Will she reach her goal before the world around her collapses?

Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition

Mussorgsky Pictures at an exhibition is a concert put on by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra based on Mussorgsky's music aimed at young audiences. Each piece was animated based on the narrative of the music for a total of 10 animations.

Maltese Nursery Rhymes

Il-Qattus, L-Iskola and Ix-Xita are three Maltese nursery rhymes or 'Ghanjiet' that I animated for

The National Literacy Agency that are used to help educate preschoolers. Each one follows a different character and covers a different subject. Lyrics by Therese Pace, vocals by Rebecca, musical arrangement by Andrew Zammit.

Dark Places

Dark Places was the final project for my Masters. It is an animated short film that tells the story of a young boy named Lucas who must venture through a dark and seemingly infinite landscape. Armed only with his lantern to guide the way, Lucas seeks to reach his destination and leave the eerie dimension behind but he might not be alone in the darkness and all might not be as it first appears.

Zombies Like You and Me is a short animated film created for the group project in the 3D Animation Masters at Bournemouth University. Direction and modeling by Juan Moore, Modeling and texturing by Chloe Dawe, rigging and animation by Steve Garry, animation and lighting by Matt Stroud.

Zombies Like You and Me

© 2016 by Matt Stroud.