The Sweet Shop that Went for A Walk


This children's picture book was written by Clare Azzopardi and published by Merlin Publishers. I Illustrated this story about a boy and sweet shop that go off on a mission to give away all the shops sweets to make it feel better.

Charles Casha 'Read With' books


These are a set of 3 children's books for progressively older ages. Used for learning and in classrooms, the books follow a different couple of siblings through their daily lives and adventures. 

Matty's Pigeons


Matty's Pigeons is a children's picture book written by David Aloisio and published by Klabb Kotba Maltin. I illustrated the pages of the book that told the story of a boy and his grandfather and how their lives were affected after buying two pigeons.

In Jonas' Room


In Jonas' Room is a children's picture book written by Noel Tanti and published by Merlin Publishers. I came on to the project as illustrator and created roughly 25 illustrations to visually tell the story of a young boy named Jonas and the strange things that happen in his room.

'Read With Me' Narration Books


A series of large format picture books for toddlers and young children written by various writers. They were commissioned by the Maltese National Literacy Agency to be used in public reading sessions and in classes by teachers.

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